Helpful Web Hosting

Lately I've been thinking about taking The Fabulous Destiny of Arika to a new domain.. It's own domain! I have no idea where to even begin though as far as finding a reliable and decently priced web host. I've been utilizing the ever popular word of mouth routine, asking just about everyone i know that is internet savvy if they know of any good web hosting companies. While talking to some friends I finally came across a website about web hosting that has been such a HUGE help. It lists all the reviews and informational facts about hundereds of web hosting domains with reviews from consumers that are just like me. My favorite feature is that they have a whole section about Green web hosting companies. I wasn't even aware that green web hosting was an option. I have found it remarkable to find such a great informational site about everything I ever needed to know about web hosting all in one spot instead of getting pieces of information from friends. Maybe soon I'll have a new domain! Have you thought about having a spot all your own?


Tulip Festival

Spent the day enjoying the sunshine at the Woodburn, Oregon Tulip Festival at the Wooden Shoe tulip farm! Here are just a couple photos pre-editing.


Score some free Green cleaning loot!

If you head on over to Shimmer Me Blue
you'll find a giveaway from Seventh Generation for a free
starter kit of green home cleaning supplies amazing scents like
wild orange and cedar spice or ruby grapefruit and Herb.
The contest ends today so make sure you get your entries in!



I took one look at this and literally gagged.
Who would think this is delicious, or even think this up.

It's on a website called This is why you're fat.

It's called :

The Porkgasm

Bacon strips, bacon sausage, ham sausage, ham slices, smoked pork sausage and roasted pork belly surrounded by ground sausage shaped into a pig, wrapped in bacon and roasted. Garnished with chili ears and tail.


4 and a half months

It's been 4 and a half months since I got my tonsils out.
Whenever I have a small bout of acid reflux or drink something hot
it burns like I just got them out again.
Anyone else have their tonsils out as an adult? When did your throat begin
feeling "normal" again?



Big Jumps



Never talk to strangers

Unless you want to meet someone, ever.

I am newly addicted (when boredom hits) to a site called Omegle.
If you haven't heard about it, it's a site that connects two strangers to a one - on - one chat.
It's completely anonymous, unless you don't want it to be.
There are some great conversations, and some really hilarious ones to be had on Omegle.
You don't have to sign up for anything, just go the site and you can start chatting right away.
It's fun because your chat partners are picked at random so you never know who you will be talking to next!

go, Talk to Strangers!


Too Soon.

Tonight I had the "bright" idea of watching Marley & Me.
Everyone had been saying that the movie was sad but honestly 5 minutes into it
I started bawling because I miss Nikita so much.
It's only been 3 months to this day that we had to put her down.
After now making through the movie, I don't think that I've ever really
mourned over losing her. In my mind she's just away on doggy vacation.


Wordless Wednesday

People of Delaware

Since you are special enough to be the First State you now have your own state forum!

Head on over to Talk Delaware and meet the delightful owner of the site, Chase!


All things shoes

Last weekend I went to go see I Love You Man.
There is this one scene where Jason Segel is walking down the boardwalk in a completely
un-matched outfit consisting of board shorts and a button up and on his feet, a pair of Uggs.
Between fits of laughter I thought about how much I used to hate Uggs until I realized they have more than just the classic boots which some people can pull off (however, please don't wear them with skirts that is just a fashion no-no). If you aren't into the classic boot you should try looking into the classic cardy knit. They have the same shape but i love the knit stitching and button details. This past holiday season ugg australia put out some adorable moccasin style pink slippers. I fell in love with the light pink ones with tan bow. I was searching online for some of Ugg Australia's newest spring items and found a gorgeous pair of romantic pink floral print Ugg boots over at http://www.jildorshoes.com . I noticed they have a wonderful Ugg selection. I am sure that everyone will be able to find a pair that suits them to try out if you haven't yet!


Happy Birthday to me!

It's that time of the year again! Happy 21st Birthday to me as well as Happy 200th post!

Wordless Wednesday


Hello Barcelona

Last night I was watching Vicky Christina Barcelona, while the movie was just so-so I loved the imagery and since I already have the travel bug I decided that I'm going to go back next summer so today I opened a separate savings account that no contains 6 dollars towards Barcelona next summer. I have been there once before, I got to celebrate my 13th birthday slicing a cake with a Spanish sword! Unfortunately I fell really ill during the trip (including a doctors visit to my hotel room, shots in the rump and vicarious pills that were swallowed all with packaging I could only make out 1 to 2 words on) resulting in me missing some of the things I was really wanting to see on my trip. It also was more of a planned trip than I would have liked. I am not a very touristy person when I visit places. I've been to new york city and never seen the Chrysler building or the statue of liberty but I don't feel that I really missed out.
So, I guess it's back to Barcelona! I have a friend that lives in the south of France that hopefully I'll be able to hop on a train and visit with as well.


Welcome to the bandwagon!

I recently joined Twitter and I need some people to follow!

Who else is using twitter let me hear your tweets!

Follow me:

Good day sun

The only thing I require in a house or apartment is windows.
Growing up with cereal box sized windows is the most depressing things.
I dream of big sunny rooms.


I'm not cut out for the porn industry.

Finding work has been proving more and more difficult where even my friends who have degrees from four year colleges can't find work. What hope is there for me being a second year college student who isn't currently enrolled? Sitting around the house all day because I literally have 50 cents to my name and no gas has proven rather difficult. I have a serious case of cabin fever. Out of desperation I decided to reply to an ad for a sales associate position at an adult shop in Portland, Oregon. The same day I applied for a cashier position at World Market. The following week I got a letter back from both businesses saying that I didn't have the qualifications for the positions I had applied for. This boggles my mind. I have been in a sales/cashier position since I turned 16 (5 years) which includes the last two years I spent as a sales associate at Nordstrom. But apparently I can't ring up porn and vibrators or candles and ethnic snacks. SUCH A CONFIDENCE BOOST!

Scent of a woman

The fragrance I'm in love with for fall has got to be the new True Religion perfume that was released this winter. It's so clean and fresh and a little bit girlie which will makes it the perfect everyday scent and a great summer scent. You don't have to be a True Religion denim fan ( It most certainly isn't my favorite) but the perfume is great! I was impressed. If you're a fan of fragrances too be sure to check out the freshest womens fragrance website Scent.net. What's your favorite everyday fragrance or special occasion fragrance?
I know if i'm feeling like a splurge I have to go for Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb!


A funny story..

The other day we took one of our cars in to be serviced at the car repair place we've been using for years. When we went to go pick up our newly doctored automobile the guy hands us a bag of stuff and says "We've had this for a few years it's your guys' belongings from another car you had brought in."... Okay these were things that I haven't seen since about my sophomore year of high school. If they knew who they belonged to, when they pulled them out of a car they were fixing.. how come they never thought of contacting us? Some of the stuff was nostalgic and fun to go through being that all of it was mine but in the bottom of the bag were a pair of eyeglasses! Not just reading glasses but my nice prescription bi-focals that i got yelled at for days for losing! So, now I have these eyeglasses with a non-current prescription and I don't know what to do with them, I'd like to donate with them but i'm not sure of any drop off places or maybe there's an organiztion where you can mail them. Does anyone know anything about donating eyeglasses?


A Haunting

5 reasons why A HAUNTING is the best daytime T.V. Program
in no particular order of importance)

1. The re-enactment actors are polar opposites of the real people they are portraying.
2. Some people choose to go anonymous, where they are videotaped so all you can see is a ridiculous outline of their out of date hair style. Usually mullet-ish. So they can hide their identity in fear of their lives (over a haunting). Because paranormal beings obviously care which network programs you sell your story out to.
3. It's the most random show on the discovery channel.
4. The stupid sound they play like someone tapping an xylephone repeadidly before each commercial segment so you know that's the end of that "chapter"
5. What's better than a show that's scary and rediculously hilarious at the same time!


Miss Hepburn's Beauty Tips

Audrey Hepburn's Beauty Tips:

1. For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
2. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
3. For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
4. For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
5. For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
6. People, even more than things have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
7. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.


The way things go.

I've been feeling kind of depressed lately, I think the whole lack of job thing is starting to get to me.
Today I found a job posting for a perfect fit and I spent all afternoon writing this amazing cover letter because it was a position I really wanted. I went to go back to it to get the information on where to go tomorrow and the posting was removed by the company.
That's how it seems to be going lately.

on another note, i've spent too much time dwelling on the past.
It just makes me feel sad and that I haven't come very far
when I thought I put all those things behind me.
I feel Stagnant.

Not to mention I missed the concert that I have been waiting for a couple months
now to go to tonight.
Andrew Bird is one of my favorite musicians and I couldn't get lame less than 30 dollar tickets
because I am jobless. If you get a chance you should listen to his new Album Noble Beast. The whole album is available right now to listen to freely on myspace.


Tales of Wonders

Word Secure Channel

"World-Secure-Channel.com offers you a solution to all your privacy concerns with any Internet connection. Our vpn service is a great tool to make your appearance on the Internet secure and keep your vital information private.

Also bypass local internet restrictions with a World Secure Channel VPN account, and much more!"

Sound good to you?


Dude up

5. dude up, Informal. to dress in one's fanciest, best, or most stylish clothes; dress up: He got all duded up to go to the dance.

Brings a smile to your face

I hope this makes everyone's day a little brighter as it did mine!


Wordless Wednesday

Deer Creek Cemetery
Yamhill Country, Oregon


Paintball is always something I have wanted to try. I know it's something my boyfriend loves so it could be a great date activity! A little dirty competition! As far as gear goes I wouldn't even know where to begin! Luckily there's a site that has all the paintball equipment I could need. From paintball masks and paintball hoppers to paintball Spyder upgrades i know that Ultimate Paintball will have me covered for my paintball gear. Right now they have some great steals on rainbow dye paintball 2000 round paintballs! Check it out.


Valentines day.

My Valentines day was one of the best days I've had in a very long time even though my boyfriend blew me off!

A good friend took me to the coast with him and his other 2 friends.
The couple was incredibly nice. We spent the day touring a pub, Hiking in Pacific city and wedding crashing.

The weather was AMAZING for the Oregon Coast.

Men in tights

The future is coming
and it's damn ugly.


Morgellons Disease

I've been following news on Morgellons disease for a little over a year now. For some reason it's something that has completely just captivated my curiosity.
If you don't know anything about it here is a great article I just read that kind of sums up
what Morgellons is as well as new research they've found linking it to fungus
or possibly genetically modified food.

This is a new disease that people are becoming afflicted with that
a lot of patients are being prescribed anti-psych medications.
Then others are being tested demanding answers to what they believe is a very
real condition.

What do you think about it? Do you think it's just delusions of parasites or that these people really
are afflicted with something that causes lesions, fibers growing out of their body and other serious symptoms?

There are a alot of great youtube videos and websites about moregellons disease too.

"In New Science magazine, Sept. 15-21 edition, Daniel Elkan describes a patient who for years has been "finding tiny blue, red and black fibers growing from intensely itchy lesions on his skin." These fibers appear like pliable plastic and can be several millimeters long. Some appear in a zig-zag pattern. These fibers can be as fine as spider silk, yet they are strong enough to distend the skin when pulled." Read More


I thought the site was starting to look a little devoid of photos.
I found this picture the other day when I was cleaning out my photo folder.
I was making fajitas and cut open this pepper and this is exactly what it looked like!
No altering what-so-ever.
It gave me a great laugh!


Laika (from the Russian: Лайка, a breed of dog, literally meaning "Barker" or "Howler") was a Soviet space dog (c. 1954–November 3, 1957) who became the first living mammal to orbit the Earth and the first orbital casualty. Little was known about the impact of space flight on living things at the time Laika's mission was launched. Some scientists believed humans would be unable to survive the launch or the conditions of outer space, so engineers viewed flights by non-human animals as a necessary precursor to human missions.[1] The United States used chimpanzees; the Soviet program elected to use dogs. Laika, a stray, originally named Kudryavka (Russian: кудрявка Little Curly-Haired One), underwent training with two other dogs, and was eventually chosen as the occupant of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2 that was launched into outer space on November 3, 1957.

Laika died a few hours after launch, presumably from stress and overheating, probably due to a malfunction in the thermal control system. The true cause and time of her death was not made public until 2002; instead, it was widely reported that she lived for several days.[2] However, the experiment proved that a living passenger could survive being launched into orbit and endure weightlessness. It paved the way for human spaceflight and provided scientists with some of the first data on how living organisms react to spaceflight environments. On April 11, 2008, Russian officials unveiled a monument to Laika. A small monument in her honour was built near the military research facility in Moscow which prepared Laika's flight to space. It features a dog standing on top of a rocket.[3][4]


The News

For the past two days I have been home sick, I still haven't gotten around to switching my cable to the digital switchover nonsense either. The only channels I get are news channels. I thought.. "i'm sick i can tolerate the news for a while." How wrong i was! Since when does the news only have about 12 stories that they repeat through out every news segment of the day for 48 hours?! I feel like i'm in that groundhogs day movie.

Lapband surgery

Have you ever considered Lap-band surgery? If you're in the Houston area you should read about Dr. Richard Collier. Learn about your lap band houston specialist.
"Dr. Richard Collier is a Lap-Band surgical specialist, who provides the premier, comprehensive Lap-Band®, weight loss surgery program as the alternative to more invasive procedures such as Gastric Bypass Surgery in The Woodlands, Conroe, Houston, Kingwood, and Spring, Texas areas. His acclaimed weight loss program combines his well respected 31 year level of surgical experience with a highly-praised aftercare team program approach for patients following their surgery."


Cooper ate my grilled cheese sandwich in one bite.


Cooper the beast.

I'm house sitting for the next two days, not only house sitting but dog sitting and teen sitting as well.
What do 14 year old girls like to do?
Go to the mall, hang out with their friends? Anything else?
Anyway, i'm not here so much to take care of her just to be another body at the home overnight.
My days are still free.
It's a pretty sweet deal, I didn't really feel like being at home anyways these next few days and their house is like my dream house tha I picture in my head. The kitchen is gorgeous! It's a small older house but the inside is completely decked out as if anthropologie was a house.
It's charming.
The dog that Im watching is the size of a bear. Standing on all fours he hits me at the hip. But he's not just skinny and tall he's huge around too. He literally is a beast!


So long furry friend.

Today we had to take Nikita to the vet again because she wasn't getting any better.
My mom called me at work to let me know that they had to put her down.
I'm so sad that I couldn't have been there and I didn't get to say good bye
let alone be stuck at work crying my eyes out.
She was the best dog for 15 years that anyone could have asked for.
I'm going to miss her so much always laying with me when I'm sick and
coming home and having her laying in the front lawn to say "hey nikita"
Anyway, Good bye wonderful wonderful dog.
I'm so glad that we could take you home from the humane society to be with us.

Happy New years.

What a fake holiday!
At least i got off work early
and i had a surprisingly fabulous new years eve!
Low key is way better.