I feel so guilty

The one thing I do hate about Nordstrom is.... I feel so guilty like forcing people to buy WAY over priced socks and accessories. The other day I sold this elderly lady 90 dollars worth of hosier that I'm sure she DIDN'T need. Just because I kept showing her things and was like oh my goodness you have to get this! And she bought it all :( Sorry. I feel like such a fraud doing stuff like that. Like pressuring people to buy stuff. It's cheap. I would rather work in cosmetics because I can see the value of paying like 24 dollars for foundation because you put it on your skin and it has chemicals in it so you don't want something cheap but dear god no one NEEDS one pair of 24 dollar juicy couture socks.

Busy busy bee

I've had one of the craziest Busiest weeks ever. I've been working just about every day like 10 hour days. And now that Nordstrom is having their Half yearly sale it's even busier at work. I am liking the job a lot except for the standing for 9 hours thing is really getting to me god I hate it. I'm starting to fall behind in school which sucks and it's really frustrating and stressful but today I went in to the college and talked to an academic adviser finally about how to get everything organized and finish my transfer degree. The other day on my way to work I tripped and fell really bad on the concrete and cut up my hand my ankle and my knee and sprained my other ankle it's still swollen and sore, but, some lady saw me fall and was really nice and stopped and was really concerned if I was okay. I remembered her business on the side of her car from Picture people and she gave me a ride the rest of the way to the bus stop then bought me java crew coffee lol It's good to know that there are still some nice people in this world that are genuine and aren't too busy for anyone but themselves. I really appreciated that a lot. Today when I went in to chemeketa on my way back home in Keizer this elderly lady was trying to make a left hand turn and didn't see me and went across my lane and I had to slam on my brakes and i was just like praying in the car that it would stop in time like a second before it would have hit.. but unfortunately it did hit. There is very very minimal damage. which is really lucky.And she was very shaken up but okay and i was fine. I feel so bad for her though if it was my car and not my mothers I probably would just be like it's okay you don't have to fix it but after the cars collided and she was at a stop she just sunk down in her seat and stuck her hands to her face and I thought she was just going to bawl. Ugh I know I probably shouldn't feel bad for her just because she's elderly but blah. I have too big of a heart. Jamie might be coming up to salem today hoorah. I wish she still lived here but oh well. Anyway I should probably get caught up on all of my missing assignments. I feel so bad for that lady still, god.