Crazy Dream

Last night I dreamt that Modest Mouse came over for Thanksgiving dinner. It was the most random thing ever. To everyone else it was normal that they were there haha. And then we all drank lots of Jack Daniels.


Today was pretty much un-eventful which those days are always nice to have once in awhile. I spent the whole day sleeping which kind of was a shame since it was so beautiful out.
So if you have myspace you probably noticed a couple days ago they had that obnoxious "upload your picture to make yourself a pirate" thing.. I decided to upload a picture of jesus...
Jesus as a pirate


mm waffles

The weather outside today is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had more time to spend outside.
I went to go water my miniature garden today and half my plants were missing. I guess the dog decided it would be fun to run through a big patch of mud the other day when it was rainy because there are about 2 feet deep paw prints running back and forth from one end to the other. Crazy dog.
On another note school is going terribly at the moment. This term I decided to only take one class online but the instructor doesn't use a calendar or due dates so I will be oblivious to whole weeks passing by, it doesn't help that it's a law enforcement class. I hate learning all this policing stuff it's so boring, I don't care about the history and evolution of policing in America. I can't wait till I'm done with all the criminal justice basic classes and can start doing more forensics.
Anyways this Video always makes my day, Knock yourself out.

Atleast you will never be a vegetable, because even artichokes have hearts.