Cooper ate my grilled cheese sandwich in one bite.


Cooper the beast.

I'm house sitting for the next two days, not only house sitting but dog sitting and teen sitting as well.
What do 14 year old girls like to do?
Go to the mall, hang out with their friends? Anything else?
Anyway, i'm not here so much to take care of her just to be another body at the home overnight.
My days are still free.
It's a pretty sweet deal, I didn't really feel like being at home anyways these next few days and their house is like my dream house tha I picture in my head. The kitchen is gorgeous! It's a small older house but the inside is completely decked out as if anthropologie was a house.
It's charming.
The dog that Im watching is the size of a bear. Standing on all fours he hits me at the hip. But he's not just skinny and tall he's huge around too. He literally is a beast!


So long furry friend.

Today we had to take Nikita to the vet again because she wasn't getting any better.
My mom called me at work to let me know that they had to put her down.
I'm so sad that I couldn't have been there and I didn't get to say good bye
let alone be stuck at work crying my eyes out.
She was the best dog for 15 years that anyone could have asked for.
I'm going to miss her so much always laying with me when I'm sick and
coming home and having her laying in the front lawn to say "hey nikita"
Anyway, Good bye wonderful wonderful dog.
I'm so glad that we could take you home from the humane society to be with us.

Happy New years.

What a fake holiday!
At least i got off work early
and i had a surprisingly fabulous new years eve!
Low key is way better.


k-9 less new years?

I came home late last night from work to find out that my 14 year old dog that we adopted at 4 months old is really really sick. She's been throwing up the whole evening and on into today and refuses to eat anything. I know she's old and has epilepsy that she takes medication for (which she won't take right now either) but I don't want my new year to start out with her gone!
I'm kind of flustered. Do I stay home with her and my family? Or go out with my new guy?
In a way I don't really want to be here in case anything happens, but I'll probably end up regretting that.


All i want for my 21 st birthday is

a jar of anti-wrinkle cream!
ok not exactly.
today while waiting in line at starbucks for my overpriced americano i ran into this woman and her daughter that i used to babysit. WOW she was all grown up like a teenager and i remember when she still had to go to bed at 7! i felt so old in that moment. 20 going on 50.