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The 7 Facts About Myself
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The 7 Facts About Myself
1. I own a telescope
2. I"m frugal
3. I have nothing in common with my family
4. I was a tom boy growing up
5. I may look out of shape but I love to do outdoors stuff and wish more people wanted to with me
6. I make lists all the time.
7. I like to garden
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20 best 90's songs you forgot.

Every year around this time I start missing the 90s and go on a 90's music kick. In honor of all my 90's downloading here is a list I've made of the best 90's songs you've most likely forgotten about(some from early 200). Because nothing is better than remembering a song you haven't heard in forever. (These are not arranged in any particular order. Click on the link for the video for extra nostalgia!

1. 3LW- No more (how did they not become popular but cheetah girls took off?
2. Beck- Where it's at
3. Anything by mariah Carey
4. Blur-Song 2
5. Bryan McKnight- back at one
6. Dream- He loves u not
7. Evan And Jaron- Crazy for this girl
8. FIlter- Take a Picture
9. Harvey Danger- Flag pole sitta
10. Jennifer Paige- Crush
11. Kandi- Don't think I'm not
12. Public Enemy- He got game
13. Robyn- Show me love
14. Soul Decision- Faded
15. Offspring- Pretty fly for a white guy
16. New Radicals- You get what you give
17. City High- What would you do
18. Dido- Thank you
19. Jewel- You were meant for me
20. Sonique- It feels so good

What songs would you guys add?


Happy Birthday?

So, today is my birthday. I am 20 years old today. I wish there was more to it than that.
Is there some kind of petition I can sign to nominate it for least exciting birthday of your youth?


New tune monday

Quite possibly the sweetest video ever aww.