The fourth of the Seventh Month

I honestly hate fourth of July. I think it is the most stupid un-American over rated holiday ever. I always get bored way to fast and since I'm not as criminally brain dead as other Americans watching things explode and bright lights doesn't get me excited past like the first one. Are the fireworks supposed to represent like "the bombs bursting in air" if so.. what a stupid thing to celebrate and re-enact? Why would we want to make it look like we are in war again.. which we are. Not that I'm "un American" or anything i just think that fourth of july doesn't even have to do anything with celebrating the united states anymore it's like one day where rednecks come out and wear their red white and blue bandannas and soccer moms in their flag old navy shirts. Shouldn't you be celebrating your country more so on EVERY other day but fourth of july which kind of cancels out patriotism and why do we buy all these things on fourth of july for picnics and apparel that all have made in china stamps on them... seriously.
Anyway guess I'm kind of cranky.


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Jury Duty

This morning I have jury duty.
Except last night I slept for an hour and a half
because my tonsils are so swollen I was having trouble breathing.
Now i have to drive a half hour to the courthouse.. this should be interesting.


Your Fashionable wordpress powered blog

I hate trying to figure out all the html I need to design my blog. Even when I do get all the pictures and layout together there’s always some small thing wrong with it I keep having to go back and tweak. I’ve tried searching the internet for places that offer free blog templates but most of them are really poorly put together. Finally I came across one that seemed promising at first and then I browsed around a bit more and they TONS of awesomewordpress themes for wordpress powered blogs that are actually trendy. I’m so glad that

Top Wordpress Themes makes it so easy. You can preview the look and then simply download the layout to apply to your blog. I am loving this design! Go check out there free designs you can get a nice clean and simple or a complex trendy design for any subject blog.


Loss of Brain matter

I saw this trailer when I went to go see Wall-E tonight.
I started crying in the middle of the trailer because I was laughing so hard.
This has to be a joke! What happened Disney! Seriously WHAT would posses
you to put this movie out?!
I can't even speak.
Their slogan is "50 Percent Warrior 50 % lover .. 100 % chihuahuas

Things I fell in love with over the weekend

1. In Bruges
2. The Freebie Blogger
3. Wall-E
4. Sunshine
5. Olay Quench Body Lotion
6. Man Babies
7. Phantom Planet -Our house