Wouldn't it be nice if a gust of wind just came up and blew me away to somewhere fantastic. Just float their on a gust of a wind ahhhh I can only imagine.

in other news
Go listen to page france
They are fantastic i don't know why it hasn't caught on yet.


Hairy spider for president- 08!

So last night I had a dream that this big huge black spider was running for president and I almost squished him, then when it came to elections I couldn't make up my mind between him and Ron Paul. Ha it was pretty amusing.


Oh my! You've got a huge..

Yes you. You do. You know who you are! Do you think you are god? Posting pictures of yourself from every angle and pseudo "photo shoots" so you call them. To yourself you look pretty damn good but you've never looked more pathetically attention starved and ugly to me. You used to actually have a personality before you became an untouchable in your head. The whole world doesn't need to know that you will be 21 on the 22nd... like you tell us every day.. calm the fuck down... seriously. I hope for your birthday you get a hat that will cover your huge head asshole.


Lean Cuisine ..

Is seriously delicious.


I am not looking forward to it today, although I assume that most people don't look forward to going to work. I have to have a discussion with my manager about my hours, I'm horrible at confrontation. Oh well, it needs to be done! There's this new girl at my work lets call her ... Brittney. I guess she used to work for Nordstrom before a long time ago but came back now after her divorce ( i think she's like 23) anyway how am I supposed to compete with her for sales? she is like a walking pile of enthusiasm and happiness, I swear like rainbows and little bunnies and birds follow her as she walks around. It's ridiculous. The other day she told me " I JUST LOVE PEOPLE I LOVE MAKING CONNECTIONS WITH PEOPLE!" Now read that with the same enthusiasm joan rivers has when she spots someone wears an awful dress to the Oscars. But somehow people buy into it. Ugh.


Things on my desk at this minute

This is what's on my desk at this moment
it's been awhile since I cleaned

3 water bottles
1 full can of slim fast
1 bottle of alieve
1 bottle of prescription cough syrup
1 lonely earring
1 measuring tape
1 stranded dvd of sex and the cd
1 can of febreeze
1 eye dropper a pair of scissors
1 cell phone
1 desk size calender ( still for the month of January)
1 roll of tape
a stack of text books
a pair of scissors
a pop a point pencil
and a pair of speakers
oh yeah
and a fake gray mustache