I am not looking forward to it today, although I assume that most people don't look forward to going to work. I have to have a discussion with my manager about my hours, I'm horrible at confrontation. Oh well, it needs to be done! There's this new girl at my work lets call her ... Brittney. I guess she used to work for Nordstrom before a long time ago but came back now after her divorce ( i think she's like 23) anyway how am I supposed to compete with her for sales? she is like a walking pile of enthusiasm and happiness, I swear like rainbows and little bunnies and birds follow her as she walks around. It's ridiculous. The other day she told me " I JUST LOVE PEOPLE I LOVE MAKING CONNECTIONS WITH PEOPLE!" Now read that with the same enthusiasm joan rivers has when she spots someone wears an awful dress to the Oscars. But somehow people buy into it. Ugh.

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