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Good day sun

The only thing I require in a house or apartment is windows.
Growing up with cereal box sized windows is the most depressing things.
I dream of big sunny rooms.


I'm not cut out for the porn industry.

Finding work has been proving more and more difficult where even my friends who have degrees from four year colleges can't find work. What hope is there for me being a second year college student who isn't currently enrolled? Sitting around the house all day because I literally have 50 cents to my name and no gas has proven rather difficult. I have a serious case of cabin fever. Out of desperation I decided to reply to an ad for a sales associate position at an adult shop in Portland, Oregon. The same day I applied for a cashier position at World Market. The following week I got a letter back from both businesses saying that I didn't have the qualifications for the positions I had applied for. This boggles my mind. I have been in a sales/cashier position since I turned 16 (5 years) which includes the last two years I spent as a sales associate at Nordstrom. But apparently I can't ring up porn and vibrators or candles and ethnic snacks. SUCH A CONFIDENCE BOOST!

Scent of a woman

The fragrance I'm in love with for fall has got to be the new True Religion perfume that was released this winter. It's so clean and fresh and a little bit girlie which will makes it the perfect everyday scent and a great summer scent. You don't have to be a True Religion denim fan ( It most certainly isn't my favorite) but the perfume is great! I was impressed. If you're a fan of fragrances too be sure to check out the freshest womens fragrance website Scent.net. What's your favorite everyday fragrance or special occasion fragrance?
I know if i'm feeling like a splurge I have to go for Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb!