Helpful Web Hosting

Lately I've been thinking about taking The Fabulous Destiny of Arika to a new domain.. It's own domain! I have no idea where to even begin though as far as finding a reliable and decently priced web host. I've been utilizing the ever popular word of mouth routine, asking just about everyone i know that is internet savvy if they know of any good web hosting companies. While talking to some friends I finally came across a website about web hosting that has been such a HUGE help. It lists all the reviews and informational facts about hundereds of web hosting domains with reviews from consumers that are just like me. My favorite feature is that they have a whole section about Green web hosting companies. I wasn't even aware that green web hosting was an option. I have found it remarkable to find such a great informational site about everything I ever needed to know about web hosting all in one spot instead of getting pieces of information from friends. Maybe soon I'll have a new domain! Have you thought about having a spot all your own?