I see: A rafting trip in the near future.


1 out of 2

1 out of 2 friendships reconciled. Thank you for the apology it was greatly appreciated. Nothing like getting lost in the country in the night and almost dying to patch up a broken friendship!That's one of the things I wish I did more often but gas is so god damn expensive. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to drive around the country at night and listen to music. It feels so homely. I love the smell of the country in summer the smell of the sweet hay.


When I'm old

When I'm old I hope to still be in as much love as my grandparents are. They still take turns cooking for each other and setting the table even if it's only the two of them. They still give each other kisses and pat each other on the bottom (that may sound weird to some of you) but in some ways it's cute that they can still be like that after 70 years of marriage.


Money Changes everything

There must be some law of phsysics I missed one of the countless days I stayed home "ill". It should be common sense but people do it all the time. Friend + money never mix. It's always a recipe for another atom bomb. In the wise words of 80's icon Cyndi lauper "money changes everything." I have two close friends feuding with me over two seperate reasons. I pretty much just wanted to get drunk and black out for the rest of the night but when I noted that wasn't an option due to the lack of liquor in my cabinet I realized that I shouldn't sit around feeling sorry for myself if two people whom I really care about are going to start picking fights with me and be angry with me for no reason, or if they do have a reason they don't care to explain it which I belive kind of defeats the purpose of being angry at that person in the first place? Are people turning back into time back to when we were four and five? "Jeff why are you mad at me" "WELL YOU SHOULD KNOW!" "no,I really don't!" It kind of ended at that so I'm still really lost. The other day I went over to his house beliveing it would just be jamie him and i watching some rediculous 90's movie like rumble in the Bronx again but instead I realised that he had invited about 5 other people and before I knew it Jamie and I were being shoved out the door to go buy soda for him and his friends. I went to the store, paid for his drinks and came back only to be shooed out of his house by his mother for thinking that we were all drinking. I asked jeff to pay me back but he lashed out on me saying he didn't have money and I was thinking "wow you just invited me over here to buy you something then I leave" So he says he'll pay me back the next day. (Him knowing full well i'm in a financial bind with moving to New Jersey.)Next day passes and I'm still not re-imbursed. It all was off of that and somehow I am a horrible friend for asking him to pay me back? So i'm in trouble for doing him a favor?? What kind of bull shit is that?
The next friend is a troll named Sam. She lashes out on me about moving to New Jersey?!? She thinks I'm making everything up some wild idea about how I'm moving to New Jersey and that it sounds stupid and dangerous and no one would hire and au pair from oregon when they could get one from new jersey and apperantly i'm not qualified were her words. I wanted to tell her she's not qualified to work in the tools section at SEARS. Mostly because she has a vagina. "It insults me that you think i would belive that you're actually going to live with some stranger in new jersey, who would hire a stranger from another state pay for them to fly across country to watch their kids?!" "Yeah sam, I'm making it up...I was just planning on telling everyone i'm leaving then sit in my house for the next year while buying new jersey postcards of ebay to pretend post mark from there!" I think this argument was the most puzzling, I am quite postive that I have no idea how this constitutes and argument? What's the point? Why is she mad at me that she thinks that i'm crazy about this new jersey thing??!" I guess I can't let it get me down because it's their fault for being dumb. But I didn't expect all my friends to abandon me right before I left. I still have two months here.