Blog roll

I've been discovering a lot of fun new blogs lately just wanted to share them with you.

Holy Cuteness - A blog full of photos of adorable animals.

Club Narwhal- A blog stacked with wit and charm

Annie Spandex- Great indie fashion and all around glamour fun.

The Peanut Butter Blog- A whole blog dedicated to peanut butter!

Weird eBay Listings- A compilation of all the craziest listings from E-bay.

Young, Professional and Bored- Great celebrity news and internet finds.

An Ordinary Life- Hippest blog around for moms

Hatnim Lee- A wonderful photographer

The perfect low heeled boot

I have searched all august for the perfect boot to wear this fall with dresses and jeans.
Finally after a grueling search I found them!
These Suede boots are perfect for all with a 12 inch calf circumference they are a bit roomier. The tan color (although they come in black and chocolate as well) is a great alternative to the darker brown boots out right now this way you can wear it with other brown hues or with all the popular greys that are coming out for fall 2008.
These boots are comfy and have the perfect slouch to them and cute belted embellishments! I can't wait to wear mine with fun tights. I believe they are 79.95