Broccoli trees

Dexter: what are you eating for lunch?
Me: Broccoli
Dexter: Are you pretending that you are a giant eating trees?

I think I found someone equally randomly amusing as me.


New tune Monday

So I've decided that every Monday I'm going to post a new song that I'm liking for the week. Each week should start out with a new song right??

So for this week I chose Satellite by Guster. It's not that it's a particularly "advanced" song but it's catchy and I love the scene it's set to in the new John Cusak movie Martian child. When they are doing the martian talk scene. So cute! "You're my satellite, you're riding with me tonight, passenger side, high in the sky, always the first star that I find"
Any ways.. enjoy.
And it's too bad the video really sucks.. they could have come up with something better.

Credit cards

These are one of the hugest stressors in human life.... but they are completely avoidable? So why do people choose to do this? Do credit card companies really lure youth in as well as adults? Or do we just not ever really learn the consequences of poor money management... why don't they teach useful stuff like this in school? Something that kids that don't even really pay attention or understand what year the war of 1812 was in can benefit from? Why do so many other people that are my age that I talk to already battling with credit problems? How have we let this become a problem for old and young alike? Isn't it kind of sickening that kids as young as 18 are killing themselves because they feel like there's no other way to escape the debt? I'm not gonna lie, it's definitely crossed my mind. Being a full time employee and a full time student is so stressful enough that the though of adding one thing onto i pretty much want to cry. It got to the point of throwing up every time a bill or letter came from one of the companies I owe money too. And then to top it all off if you even try to call them and explain or ask for help they transfer you to someone in India who can hardly speak English and it just makes you more angry...... the other day I called to change my address from new jersey to Oregon and I found out they had made my address in Salem morgan, Oregon. I mean seriously... come on how retarded do you have to be???! Anyways. I know eventually I'll get out of it.. but for now it's causing me way tooo much stress. There ought to be better things in place for this stuff. I wonder what percentage of kids actually owe money to credit companies... and now with school costs rising and kids taking out loans left and right.... I don't think that theres any way a kid who is at least age 25 hasn't taken out some kind of credit card or loan (oh yeah that's in a college) doesn't that just seem kind of odd? Like we can't even make it through out life without having someone loan us money and then adding an interest fee?