The way things go.

I've been feeling kind of depressed lately, I think the whole lack of job thing is starting to get to me.
Today I found a job posting for a perfect fit and I spent all afternoon writing this amazing cover letter because it was a position I really wanted. I went to go back to it to get the information on where to go tomorrow and the posting was removed by the company.
That's how it seems to be going lately.

on another note, i've spent too much time dwelling on the past.
It just makes me feel sad and that I haven't come very far
when I thought I put all those things behind me.
I feel Stagnant.

Not to mention I missed the concert that I have been waiting for a couple months
now to go to tonight.
Andrew Bird is one of my favorite musicians and I couldn't get lame less than 30 dollar tickets
because I am jobless. If you get a chance you should listen to his new Album Noble Beast. The whole album is available right now to listen to freely on myspace.


Tales of Wonders

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