So while I was away I guess I won two blog awards!
Who knew you could be on vacation and get rewarded!

The first Award I received was from Wendi at The Freebie Blogger
and the other from
Deb at Dine-o-meter

Thank you lovely ladies!

On my way.

Things are good
things are fine.
I feel some sort of weird peace with myself
and yet extremely nervous at the same time.
I know my living situation right now is just temporary
I'm starting to make plans for myself again.
I'm motivated I want to go out and do stuff.
I'm buying a plane ticket to France for 800 dollars
to visit Camille.
I'm going to Portland Saturday market tomorrow to meet some girl i've been
talking to on AIm since i was a 14 ( we met because we were planning on
going to the same art college and neither of us ended up there!)
I'm riding the train there. I'm being independent
I'm picking black berries at my farm today.
I lost 2 pant sizes and I've no clue what I've done.
I guess just feeling too helps.
I'm not going to school this fall
I keep failing my classes, not that I don't have a passion for learning
but not what they want to teach me. I cant vow to log on every day at different times to turn in worthless
I want to own a pie shop
I want to spend my days baking
I want to educate myself
I want to spend hours reading in the sun for the rest of the summer
and near the fireplace in the fall.


Good to be back

Thank you to everyone who left me comments and bothered to mosey on over to my blog while I was away. It's been a doozy of a week. I am now done with school and will not be taking any courses this fall seeing as i still owe 800 dollars for this term! Plus I think I really want to open a pie shop... random I know but it's something I would love to do.