Today I called to disconnect my old Comcast service at the house with the roommate I don't get a long with. When I called to have it disconnected I was told that an order for the disconnect had already been set in motion. So of course I got really upset they said that in order to verify account information she had to have my name and social and pretend to be me. So I talked to a comcast supervisor who went through the phone conversation and apparently they didn't even verify any information so her answer to me was "they didn't let go of any pertinent information" WELL THEY STILL ACCESSED MY ACCOUNT and her only thing she said was "sorry it was a mistake" it wasn't a mistake it was someone not doing their job. That could have been a huge lawsuit for them if they let go of my information at all. So Comcast thinks it's okay to let other people access your account turn your service off or on maybe even give out your personal information like your social security and billing information and it's just a mistake?


Reminder to self:

You work for a paycheck
not a Playcheck
so stop spending all your money!