"Nanny diaries"

It's sunday morning, well actually sunday afternoon now. About 1. I still haven't seen michele since last night again so I don't know when anyone will be home. I'm trying to make 3 meals a day out of pasta because that's the only thing they have in the entire house. I counted 16 different kinds of cheese raviolis in their freezer... between that and the ice bucket.. it pretty much takes up all the space. Not to mention they have two entire cupboards full of brailla pasta in every different shape size you can imagine. The other day she sent me to the store to buy linguine and when michele got home I asked if i got the right kind of noodles and they all laughed at me. apparently there is a BIG difference between noodles and pasta. They are all noodles though. I don't care. Michele is kind of crazy they have so many like weird things sometimes I feel like i'm doing things that I was not told I was going to be doing. I feel more like a maid than an au pair. Usually nannies are responsible for picking up after the kids maybe keeping the kids rooms organized and doing the kids laundry MAYBE but I have to clean micheles room and closets and stuff too. I take her dry cleaning make appointments for her and so on. I take oliver to the dog groomers and I have to feed him and give him medecine etc... NOT TO MENTION that they all pretend to love oliver but no one feeds him on the weekends because they all just leave and do their own thing. I've gotten up and fed him twice this weekend because no one does it! And they only feed him once a day because they think he's fat which he isn't. Plus he's been on the same diet with the same food for about a year now and there's been no difference. Michele reminds me of the woman on that show King of Queens... you know Carrie the girl that's married to the big guy Doug. She looks alot like her and they have the same accent and the same personalities. She is kind of werid she freaks out about everything. Every ru g in the house has to be washed weekly. WEEKLY. Not every other week but WEEKLY. I swear she has about 700 glade plug ins in every square inch of the house. Which make my throat want to close up. Everytime after you cook anything she demands that you spray febreeze air effect EVERYWHERE so her house doesn't smell like food. I think that I have inhaled so much febreeze when I breathe out I'm just recyling it. I know i'm allergic to something in the house cause there's always gunk in my through my nose is dry and stuffed upand my eyes are puffy and watery. I keep getting a rash on my stomach and my legs are REALLY itchy. I think it's the matteress.. Honestly I think it has bed bugs. Its disgusting. It's like really old and the frame is a piece of crap. I wake up every morning and have to take 3 advil because it hurts my back. There have been 15 different people that have slept on that mattress. It smells bad and there is no box spring or any support for it it's like a really ol d falling apart day bed thing with just wires on the bottom and an old matteress. I'm starting to think it has bed bugs from my rash or bug bites or whatever they are. I have washed the sheets every other day because i just feel gross but it doesn't really help. I don't know it's just kind of... a little hole in the back of the laundry room behind the waterheater where they store all their stuff they don't need anymore. Ugh I don't know. The college here is crazy and is a pain in the A** to register with they make everything like 700 times more difficult than it really is. And now that I got that lost i pretty much had a panic attack and almost threw up in the car the other day and now I don't really want to leave the house. The other day michele was talking about her boyfriend (john)'s Ex wife and how she was so horrible to her kids that like if they wanted to go to a movie or a concert or buy some new clothes or needed a new cell phone she made them pay for it themselve s and just how she was a bi*ch for that and how awful of a parent that was. And was thinking well thanks you pretty much just called my mom that too.....so yeah. Anyways not much new going on. Cooking some pasta right now and washing my sheets. Go figure.I hope the family doesn't come over tonight they were just here on thursday and I always feel really awkward like I'm supposed to be out there but at the same time i don't want to be but then do they think i'm rude and i pretty much just want them to go home because they are SO loud and noisy and just they make a huge mess and expect me to clean it up the next day. and there are like 20 of them! and they are here all the time! I mean New Jersey is pretty nice, kind of expensive here I guess it tops the list almost as one of the most expensive states to live in. I didn't know that. Even with no sales tax! Oh and I don't have to pump my own gas either they do that for you too. I found out that it is the Diner captiol of the world. There are more diners in New jersey than in any other state! Which is true!Aberdeen is about the size from our house to West salem highschool it's small and they have two diners. lol and there is ATLEAST 1 in every small town like that. It's crazy. Anyways My sheets are ready to put in the dryer