Wordless Wednesday


Recently I have gotten hooked on the show Pan Am. As I was laying in bed the other day taking in my weekly wonderland of exotic places, elegant women of yesteryear I began to wonder, why are women from this era so different than today's. Of course there are the obvious answers but it's something more than that, poise. Whatever happened to women having poise and a mysterious feminine edge? I'm sure that we all know at least one woman in our lives who's happiness, kindness and joy radiates off onto others. She is always pleasant to be around, never has anything negative to say and seems genuinely happy to be where she is. Basic manners will get you far. It's going to be my personal goal to work on having poise and grace from now on. If you find yourself wanting to be happier and make those around you smile, if you want to ditch that pony tail and sweat pants this blog is a great place to start Grace & Poise. I know it will be a challenge for myself to follow some of this guidance but I think it will only make me a better person! Live life glamorously!