What the hell happened to her.

So it's been awhile since I've felt like myself. It's really kind of depressing. I'm sure its taking a toll on me. I don't do the things I enjoy anymore and my looks have really taken a toll hahaha. I feel like one of those women who this is the point in my life where if i don't change from things the way they are now then in 10 years people will just stop and think "what the hell happened to her" Yeah.



So I've been thinking about this recently.. how much we ridiculously over use plastic! It's made for everything and it just sits in landfills unless it's the recyclable thing but you think someone seriously would have come up with a biodegradable alternative to it. So I think I'm going to take off on this trend of carrying around my own re-usable shopping bag... one that's easy to slip in my purse. How many things on your desk are made out of plastic at this moment?? Repost with your answer. For me.. about 20 something.
I've decided to post the 3 cutest re-usable eco-friendly shopping bag sites!! Click the pictures for the website.

These are all so cute! The first site has lots of great bags for compact storage or heavy duty shopping. The second (feed) bag is a little bit spendy but when you purchase the bag you'll be doing double duty good, every purchase of this re-usable goes to feeding a child for one school year. The last site has fantastic modern and stylish choices in all sorts of colors and patters, they even have a set of organic bags and a whole section just for kids! Love it!

New Tune Monday

Josh ritter- Girl in the war