What the hell happened to her.

So it's been awhile since I've felt like myself. It's really kind of depressing. I'm sure its taking a toll on me. I don't do the things I enjoy anymore and my looks have really taken a toll hahaha. I feel like one of those women who this is the point in my life where if i don't change from things the way they are now then in 10 years people will just stop and think "what the hell happened to her" Yeah.


Kristin said...

Hello! I added your blog to my sidebar. You need to make a button or something for me to add. Anyhow you will find yourself right again. I have "lost" myself more then once. You are beautiful Arika one of my closest friends. And I am so glad I took Biology on campus. Thanks for being you and always making me laugh.

Kristin said...

Your button is linked and in my right sidebar, right on top Ms. Lovely!