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So I've been thinking about these things a lot too. I don't really feel like I am for either one of the democratic candidates this time around. I feel like Hilary maybe has a hidden agenda due to her past of dealing with the health care industry and drug companies and how in the past they've pretty much bought her over and I feel that Obama may be more talk than action and that he's not really prepared to follow through? I think we are at a point right now in history where we can either continue the path we are on which is not a good one or there's going to be a revolution one way or another. Can't you feel it? I feel like their is more youth now standing up saying what the want and they feel about politics because really, in the past the majority of voters is elderly... and they are deciding based upon their experiences and their values whats right for future generations. Shouldn't we make a decision what's right for us now? Anyways, I haven't really decided who I'd like to see in office but hopefully something better is coming. If I had to chose a candidate today it would be Ron Paul.. I guess it's the only option I see for change.
On another note...
The other day i was reading something and it said that Within the next few years that China would become the number one English speaking country in the world... food for thought.

Proud to be a Democrat

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Kristin said...

I am proud to be one too. You know I really wish I knew more about Ron Paul. Then I could say either way, see I think Obama might be all talk but then again he can inspire. Which is what we need for chnage. I don't know...I know we need a chnage that is for darn sure!