All things shoes

Last weekend I went to go see I Love You Man.
There is this one scene where Jason Segel is walking down the boardwalk in a completely
un-matched outfit consisting of board shorts and a button up and on his feet, a pair of Uggs.
Between fits of laughter I thought about how much I used to hate Uggs until I realized they have more than just the classic boots which some people can pull off (however, please don't wear them with skirts that is just a fashion no-no). If you aren't into the classic boot you should try looking into the classic cardy knit. They have the same shape but i love the knit stitching and button details. This past holiday season ugg australia put out some adorable moccasin style pink slippers. I fell in love with the light pink ones with tan bow. I was searching online for some of Ugg Australia's newest spring items and found a gorgeous pair of romantic pink floral print Ugg boots over at http://www.jildorshoes.com . I noticed they have a wonderful Ugg selection. I am sure that everyone will be able to find a pair that suits them to try out if you haven't yet!


Happy Birthday to me!

It's that time of the year again! Happy 21st Birthday to me as well as Happy 200th post!

Wordless Wednesday


Hello Barcelona

Last night I was watching Vicky Christina Barcelona, while the movie was just so-so I loved the imagery and since I already have the travel bug I decided that I'm going to go back next summer so today I opened a separate savings account that no contains 6 dollars towards Barcelona next summer. I have been there once before, I got to celebrate my 13th birthday slicing a cake with a Spanish sword! Unfortunately I fell really ill during the trip (including a doctors visit to my hotel room, shots in the rump and vicarious pills that were swallowed all with packaging I could only make out 1 to 2 words on) resulting in me missing some of the things I was really wanting to see on my trip. It also was more of a planned trip than I would have liked. I am not a very touristy person when I visit places. I've been to new york city and never seen the Chrysler building or the statue of liberty but I don't feel that I really missed out.
So, I guess it's back to Barcelona! I have a friend that lives in the south of France that hopefully I'll be able to hop on a train and visit with as well.