Hello Barcelona

Last night I was watching Vicky Christina Barcelona, while the movie was just so-so I loved the imagery and since I already have the travel bug I decided that I'm going to go back next summer so today I opened a separate savings account that no contains 6 dollars towards Barcelona next summer. I have been there once before, I got to celebrate my 13th birthday slicing a cake with a Spanish sword! Unfortunately I fell really ill during the trip (including a doctors visit to my hotel room, shots in the rump and vicarious pills that were swallowed all with packaging I could only make out 1 to 2 words on) resulting in me missing some of the things I was really wanting to see on my trip. It also was more of a planned trip than I would have liked. I am not a very touristy person when I visit places. I've been to new york city and never seen the Chrysler building or the statue of liberty but I don't feel that I really missed out.
So, I guess it's back to Barcelona! I have a friend that lives in the south of France that hopefully I'll be able to hop on a train and visit with as well.

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Anonymous said...

Very random comment, but I found your entry while googling pictures of Barcelona. I went last over spring break with my college choir and loved it. I will now be studying there in the fall and winter. It's a gorgeous city and I can't wait to live there for 7 months. I don't normally do touristy stuff either, but definitely do Sagrada Familia, and go up the spires if you haven't already done so. It's worth it.