Watch Oprah Pee

Last night around 1 Am my friend Jeff and I got the fabulous Idea to bake cookies and drive to Eugene??! I have no idea where the two came from. We went to Eugene listening to Shania Twain the entire way till we got to our friends house. After a couple glasses of wine we decided to watch this movie from 1998 called Beloved. Now, not only does Oprah Winfrey star in the film.. she also produced it. The movie has absolutely NO plot line and pretty much doesn't make sense and is about 3 hours long. It's good for a laugh though deffinatley. It's supposed to be about slavery and be empowering.. but, the movie is about Oprahs daughter who she killed and her daughters ghost is haunting the house till she comes from hell to seek her mother to pretty much live as a "nice" demon with her. OH, did I mention this daughter is mentally retarded too? Pretty much the daughters star line was "Touch me on the inside place and call my nammeeeee" Along with that are random shots of oprah peeing, giving birth, vomiting and killing children.
Great pick for family time :)
and the shot of oprah peeing is pretty much absolutely random she just gets this look on her face and runs over to the field and they film her peeing... like she had to take a bathroom break but they kept rolling the film and forgot to edit it out.

It's too bad it was supposed to be so serious because I pretty much couldn't stop laughing.

It's too bad there aren't any trailers or anything online I could find really...



My closet

Needs to be tackled.. Obviously. I'm afraid I might find a village of sub human species underneath all of last years clothes.

Is this you??

I found this blog that people post photos from cameras or memory sticks they've found in hopes of finding the owner. It seems to work and helped a lot of people claim their missing memories. So cool, even if you haven't lost anything it's just interesting to look at other peoples pictures. ha.
Such a neat idea. You can even browse through the scroll bar on the right hand side of the blog to view any found cameras from your area or areas you have visited.


I am Standoffish apparently

My manager is completely rude. Period. H.R. is useless. Today My boss was having little "performance chats" with us about selling and everything. She told me that She thinks I don't really try very hard and that she feels i just "get lucky" and people buy stuff. That really hurt my feelings. I do try the best that I can at my job and I know that there's little things I could do to be better but, that is just beyond hurtful....I"m starting to feel like a robot. Then later she told me that I am "stand-offish" was her word... apparently we are 16 and in high school again. Ridiculous. That just is stupid but it really hurt my feelings. I'm kind of stuck and don't know what to do. If I could tell her anything I would say: "I'm sorry I can't be the person that you want me to be, I am happy with who I am and that's all that I can be.. and that's who you hired." But that's the nice version. Sometimes I think she just gives me crappy shifts and glares at me and nit picks EVERYTHING just so I'll leave because she doesn't like me. When i got home tonight I took my dog on a really long walk. It was nice I think i'll start that more often than only walking to work.

New tune monday

Manu Chao (love him!) - Rainin' in paradize

great song. Sad video.

or... alternate version