Summertime Reading

I am excited for this summer. With the slight possibility of going away to work in some foreign country about to become reality my favorite thing to do in summertime is to lay out in the sun and read. I collect books all year long through the school year when I am too distracted to enjoy it and I make a list and read all summer long. The guilty pleasure part is that they are mostly mindless easy reads.


Bees are really fascinating to me. In my free time I like to read about them. I've always wanted to learn how to bee keep, but unfortunately I live in the suburbs. Today when I was watering my garden, I went to check on the radishes because they are almost ready to harvest. There was a bee soaking wet from when I had just spent 10 minutes watering and couldn't fly; So, I picked it up and let it sit on my hand as I walked over to a sunny area for it to dry itself. It was so fascinating just to watch it dry it's wings clean it's legs and fur as well as its face with it's little legs, at times taking it's hind legs all the way upward onto it's back. I watched it clean it's little mouth and retract it's stinger to clean it as well all with such coordination like a ballet. Around 15 minutes later after its last little flutter for drying it's wings it finally flew off.

"Honeybees depend not only on physical contact with the colony, but also require it's social companionship and support. Isolate a honeybee from her sisters and she will soon die."
- The Queen Must Die: And Other Affairs of Bees and Men


Post-it notes

Whenever I need a Post-it I can never ever find one or anything that will work instead such as paper and tape. However, when I'm cleaning around my desk I always find 5 little stacks of them and think why the hell do I have so many post-its and when will I ever need these.


good friends are good.


I think I collect jobs. I get bored at meaningless jobs way too easy. But I have had numerous jobs all in extremely different fields and from every job I've kept like a little souvenir. I have no idea why. I just realized this today when i was cleaning my room. Which hasn't been cleaned in like 8 months. Ew.


If you died

When was the last time you actually stopped to think for two seconds about how fucking incredible it is that you are alive and all things things you might have missed. Remember those kids that died in your high school so young? And all the things you've taken for granted since then. All the strange little accidents or random sicknesses where people die so unexpectedly....would you be satisfied with your life so far? Remember the last time you drank 7up out of a cup and the fizz tickled your nose or the last time you just spent an entire day outside in the sunshine just enjoying it? Remember the last time you cried and how much better you felt after words. What kind of secrets would you leave behind?