I think I collect jobs. I get bored at meaningless jobs way too easy. But I have had numerous jobs all in extremely different fields and from every job I've kept like a little souvenir. I have no idea why. I just realized this today when i was cleaning my room. Which hasn't been cleaned in like 8 months. Ew.

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MT said...

Yeah, I've pretty much have done the same thing.

Target - I kept my box cutter that opened countless boxes of pointless things in the back room.

KFC - I actually left this job in an odd fashion, I was taking three weeks off to perform in a show that I originally tought the audition tap dance for. Anyways, I still have the stupid red and black uniform, I only made like $500 that summer haha.

Macy's - Possibly my favorite job so far, too bad all the seasonal hires had to leave. With this one it was a random fabric coaster that I found closing the store last christmas time and now it's being used on my desk.

Oak Valley Care Center - I was a Nursing major but I switched to English. But I did get a CNA certificate before I switched so I can work as a nurse's aid. Anyways I have this little plastic cup that that the center gives the residents for water. One of the more senile ladies gave it to me as I was walking out the door, It's now well washed and holding a couple pens and sharpies in the garage.

Wow, wrote more than I thought, sorry but we definitely should play chess sometime.