Wordless Wednesday!

Donald Duck, She Hulk and Robin 
2011 Portland Aids Walk

I was on this train this weekend!


When I lived on the East Coast, travelling by train was a lot more common. Over here states are a bit more spread out and train travel is often more costly than driving. However, in an effort to ditch my car for the afternoon. I rode to Portland with a friend and decided I would take the train back to Salem. This decision was made after I learned about bottomless mimosas at Hamburger Mary's. This was quite an ordeal. We waited around about 2 hours for the coroner to arrive at the scene so the train could be released and then about another hour until we could get a new engine and engineer. All in all my one hour trip ended up being a four hour catastrophe. 


My new HP laptop!

During my going back to school adventure I decided that I was sick of trying to do Online courses purely on my dinosaur of a desktop and set out to find the perfect laptop. Now, never having owned a laptop before I was a little nervous not knowing what I was looking for. The staff at best buy were so courteous and helpful and I actually ended up finding one, going home and loved it so much I had to go back later that day and buy it! I got the last one on the shelf- meant to be! They had a sale as well- and being a budget conscious student i had to snap it up! I ended up taking home a new HP Pavillion Laptop. I had a bad experience in the past with HP products so I was very anxious! I had heard some good things tho recently through a friend so I decided to purchase! I'm in love! My favorite part- with a myriad of math classes I have to take I love the 10 key feature! You can't beat the 17.5 inch screen for the price either! The pewter shell is very clean and sleek looking. Biggest con is the weight but I think I made the best choice!

Another year, more procrastination.

School has only been in session but a week and I have already been bitten by the procrastination bug. I missed one assignment in the first week. Tsk tsk. Not a good way to start the term. Now that I have finally settled on a major and am working towards my RN degree I need to lock down! Taking classes online definitely does not help with the procrastination. Does anyone have any good hints to help with procrastination?