So it's been a crazy couple of weeks! I don't remember when the last time I wrote was but I guess a lot has happened without me even realizing until all of it compiled into one! Lost some friends but at the same time it feels good it's like sloughing off the dead weight that only weighs you down in life. I feel like at this point i know who the amazing people in my life are. Sam I know you'll always be there and that you genuinely care and will never judge me and only look out for my best interest, Jamie.... sometimes i just want to shake my head at you but you are so easy to get along with. You don't give a fuck and that's what makes you awesome.You're not a very "emotional" friend kind of person so... I'll leave it at that. I purchased my airplane ticket the other day. set me back 401 dollars! Yikes! I have never felt more poor in my life but at the same time i think it's money well spent. I can't wait to get to new jersey but sometimes i still have panic attacks about going..I freak out about everything like what if they don't like me mostly. But then I just have to remind myself that they are probably just as nervous thinking I won't like them. Right now I'm kind of packing and cleaning my room and also my life discarding things or people that only will weigh my luggage down and making sure to make room for the things and people I care about.