“the word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.”

Just thought I would share this quote I found today.
Been having a tough time lately
and it made me smile :)


Beep Beep!

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My body is a cage

I have to admit that I feel guilty for having been slightly neglectful of my blog. Sometimes the real world just.. gets in the way ha. Work has been picking up which is a very nice change. We moved up our half yearly sale to May 21st which I'm hoping will help but I don't know how we'll do going up against stores like Macy's. Everyone usually expects it in the summer.
Evan and I have seen each other a couple more times but I feel that he's too handsy and just would prefer a modern day "fuck buddy" pardon my language. It's kind of disappointing but oh well. I was talking to my friend Carly about everything and she told me about this guy Christian Carter who's like a dating guru. I started listening and reading his stuff and it actually makes sense. Carly and I were discussing it and it's helped her relationship a lot and just with guys in general. You should check it out.
Here's how to catch and keep great men, all in plain, "real", easy to understand language.
that's the website you can learn about it at.
I've actually been enjoying reading it piece by piece so we'll see how it actually works. I've been trying a couple of the things.
Other than that things are okay.
I'm back home. My roommate turned out to be a crazy alcoholic. It was just a very bad situation.
I'm moving next month though. Kind of looking forward to that but I hate that there's so much time in between.. just enough time I'll have to un pack some stuff to use it but not enough time to actually put everything away just to get it out again so soon.
My throat has been feeling better today. I"m kind of upset with myself that I've been neglecting school so much. I can't afford not to pass a class or else I lose financial aid.. which is the only thing keeping me in school right now! Must go write some papers!
On another note. I've been feeling a lot more like myself recently. It's really relieving. I've started painting again which was drastically over due. I forgot how much I miss it though and actually started listening to acceptable music... for a while there i just stopped caring! Kind of scary to think about the stuff I subjected myself to!
Ahhh so go check out the Arcade Fire.

That's them in an elevator. Pretty creative i like the ripping paper.
Oh well It feels good to be myself again even though it's not complete. I'm missing my friends since they've all spread out to Eugene and Portland. One of my good friends Jeff's lease is up this month and He's moving to Portland too which I mean I kind of feel stranded here. It's so hard to make new friends when you don't really go to school at the school. I miss last summer a lot, lots of random road trips and it was just the most fun.. i'm kind of weary about this summer.


Transform Your Home

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Strep throat

Ugh So i have strep throat. I get it way too often along with tonsillitis. It's so sad that it feels normal for me to have it. I really should have my tonsils taken out but they want waaay too much money for about a 15 minute procedure. The sad part is that I probably spend more on anual doctors visits for the problem than the actual surgery. It's given me some home time again tho and i've started painting again. I can't believe how much I missed it.


Bright Feet Slippers Giveaway!

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