Who Killed the muesli eaters?

I will admit I'm a Muesli junkie! But, the last few times I've gone to the grocery store I have not been able to find it anywhere. I look up and down the aisle and yet they have a huge granola section and even a giant array of kashi cereals you think they'd have one tiny spot for muesli. I'm I the only person left on earth that eats it? I swear I have never had trouble finding it before.


it's a very weird moment indeed when you realize
that the people are you closest to in your life have started
to drift away not only from you but from everyone else as well
when your small close knit group of friends has somehow turned into a ripple where
everyone spreads farther and farther out.
Is there a way to reverse it?
Do you move on?
Do you follow them so you can stay close.
What if it's like the only people you've ever met that make you
feel truly like yourself when you are around them.


I'm still secretly kind of crying about the short hair.
I hate it. Its not so much that I mind having the short hair,
although I admit I miss my lazy pony tail, it's just the cut that I hate.
I don't know what possessed the stylist to cut two pieces in the front like an inch and a half
shorter than the rest of my hair and make it all piecey when I told her I wanted
it all the same length? And when I walked in with hair to my shoulders
I specifically said I don't want it much shorter than it is now
maybe like.. half an inch shorter. Now I have it to my chin...
I must have the worlds shortest neck indeed.
I was hoping the weather would be nice today but in traditional Oregon fashion
it's a gloomy day.. IN JUNE.
Yesterday I went up to the rack and I was so excited I found the pants that
I was looking for and i got to buy a size smaller than usual! Woo.
That's always exciting but now I'm kind of freaking out because most of my clothes are too big and I don't have the money to afford a new wardrobe. Frustrating.


Down Under

Today is my first day of my two week vacation from work.
I'm already "dying" of boredom.
I slept in late got up ate some food looked out the window then
watched a terrible movie called Catacombs.
What a waste of time.. plus who puts the singer PINK as a lead
role in a movie??!
Atleast the main girl (shannyn Sossamon) had super cute hair.