I'm still secretly kind of crying about the short hair.
I hate it. Its not so much that I mind having the short hair,
although I admit I miss my lazy pony tail, it's just the cut that I hate.
I don't know what possessed the stylist to cut two pieces in the front like an inch and a half
shorter than the rest of my hair and make it all piecey when I told her I wanted
it all the same length? And when I walked in with hair to my shoulders
I specifically said I don't want it much shorter than it is now
maybe like.. half an inch shorter. Now I have it to my chin...
I must have the worlds shortest neck indeed.
I was hoping the weather would be nice today but in traditional Oregon fashion
it's a gloomy day.. IN JUNE.
Yesterday I went up to the rack and I was so excited I found the pants that
I was looking for and i got to buy a size smaller than usual! Woo.
That's always exciting but now I'm kind of freaking out because most of my clothes are too big and I don't have the money to afford a new wardrobe. Frustrating.


Nadine said...

Very frustrating about the hair - but I bet it looks better than you think it does.

Having clothes too big is better than too small, but no money to replace them is tough either way. But way to go on the weight loss.

Wendi said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday ... guess it didn't go through.

I know how you feel about the shorter hair. I've been debating whether or not to cut mine off. It will be nice for summer and it definitely needs it, but I would miss it.

Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday. It is nice to know that I have a fan!