Yay going to see spiderman 3, it better not be a disappointment.


Sand not so much sun or surf

I really want to go to the beach it's been a while. Even though the Oregon coast isn't much to brag about since it mostly consists of rain and sand and water so cold it turns your skin red. It would be a terrible thing to go through life without ever seeing an ocean.

It's a girl!

Lizzie finally had her baby the other day. Adrianna Elizabeth. Alot of newborn babies look like aliens.. I know from working at picture people. It's so hard to tell people that their babies are the cutest and the parents all think that when really they look like wrinkly flaky aliens. It just reminds me of how fast we grow up and sometimes I feel like I act as if I have all the time in the world to do what I want So I procrastinate at life. Then someday it will all hit me like a train and I will be old. I should stop making lists of things that I want to do and start doing them.