I am Standoffish apparently

My manager is completely rude. Period. H.R. is useless. Today My boss was having little "performance chats" with us about selling and everything. She told me that She thinks I don't really try very hard and that she feels i just "get lucky" and people buy stuff. That really hurt my feelings. I do try the best that I can at my job and I know that there's little things I could do to be better but, that is just beyond hurtful....I"m starting to feel like a robot. Then later she told me that I am "stand-offish" was her word... apparently we are 16 and in high school again. Ridiculous. That just is stupid but it really hurt my feelings. I'm kind of stuck and don't know what to do. If I could tell her anything I would say: "I'm sorry I can't be the person that you want me to be, I am happy with who I am and that's all that I can be.. and that's who you hired." But that's the nice version. Sometimes I think she just gives me crappy shifts and glares at me and nit picks EVERYTHING just so I'll leave because she doesn't like me. When i got home tonight I took my dog on a really long walk. It was nice I think i'll start that more often than only walking to work.


Kristin said...

Wow that is just rude, why do people try and change others. I mean she did hire YOU. I am sorry Arika what a mean heartless thing to say.

Allison said...

"The Little Princess" as in the movie with Shirley Temple?

I understand what you are going through with your work. At my first job I busted my BUTT for my school. The school opened at 8:50 for the kids, but I was there when the janitors got there at 6am - working on my classroom, getting things done for everyone, helping out. I was also there until 6 at night. Whenever they needed a teacher to help out, I was the first to raise my hand.

I was nominated for teacher of the year within 3 months of working there for my dedication but that turned out to be a terrible thing. After it happened, I felt like I was in the sixth grade. I got pulled into my bosses (principals office) and he basically told me I didn't fit in and fired me. I was DEVISTATED. I had busted my butt was NOTHING but nice to everyone.. but the teachers there were very catty and didn't like my personality. It was horrendous and for years (and still occasionally) I get nightmares of going back there and bitching out the teachers and employees involved.

And at my current job, my boss hates me. I bust my butt to make her happy, as well but no matter what I do - she flat out tries to make my life miserable. I have come to accept the fact -- though -- that no matter what you do, some people just may not like you. Just don't let what they think affect the way you feel about yourself (which is what I did a lot). You know you're a good person and you try your best just as I know I was a nice person who tried my best. That's all that there is. They think what they think. I know karma will come around (at least that is what I keep hoping) :)

Teacher X Tells all said...

I've had bosses didn't like me either. I got tendinitis at an office job and my boss thought I was faking and tried to make me quit so they wouldn't have to pay my workers' comp bills.

(I never quit AND sued them for violating the Labor Code. The settlement = a big down payment on a new car.)

I can't believe that "get lucky" remark. How does she know what people think and what happens during your interactions with them? She's a classic micromanager and you should ignore 90% of what she says.

Anonymous said...

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