The fourth of the Seventh Month

I honestly hate fourth of July. I think it is the most stupid un-American over rated holiday ever. I always get bored way to fast and since I'm not as criminally brain dead as other Americans watching things explode and bright lights doesn't get me excited past like the first one. Are the fireworks supposed to represent like "the bombs bursting in air" if so.. what a stupid thing to celebrate and re-enact? Why would we want to make it look like we are in war again.. which we are. Not that I'm "un American" or anything i just think that fourth of july doesn't even have to do anything with celebrating the united states anymore it's like one day where rednecks come out and wear their red white and blue bandannas and soccer moms in their flag old navy shirts. Shouldn't you be celebrating your country more so on EVERY other day but fourth of july which kind of cancels out patriotism and why do we buy all these things on fourth of july for picnics and apparel that all have made in china stamps on them... seriously.
Anyway guess I'm kind of cranky.

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April said...

i know, right?! it's just another distraction. buy something! light some firecrackers! everything's fine! ridiculous.