k-9 less new years?

I came home late last night from work to find out that my 14 year old dog that we adopted at 4 months old is really really sick. She's been throwing up the whole evening and on into today and refuses to eat anything. I know she's old and has epilepsy that she takes medication for (which she won't take right now either) but I don't want my new year to start out with her gone!
I'm kind of flustered. Do I stay home with her and my family? Or go out with my new guy?
In a way I don't really want to be here in case anything happens, but I'll probably end up regretting that.

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April said...

oh sorry to hear that----that's hard. especially with animals because you can't ask them questions. well, you can, but the answers are hard to decipher. poor pup.