Cooper the beast.

I'm house sitting for the next two days, not only house sitting but dog sitting and teen sitting as well.
What do 14 year old girls like to do?
Go to the mall, hang out with their friends? Anything else?
Anyway, i'm not here so much to take care of her just to be another body at the home overnight.
My days are still free.
It's a pretty sweet deal, I didn't really feel like being at home anyways these next few days and their house is like my dream house tha I picture in my head. The kitchen is gorgeous! It's a small older house but the inside is completely decked out as if anthropologie was a house.
It's charming.
The dog that Im watching is the size of a bear. Standing on all fours he hits me at the hip. But he's not just skinny and tall he's huge around too. He literally is a beast!

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Hatnim Lee said...

im sorry to hear about your dog...
so sad.