A funny story..

The other day we took one of our cars in to be serviced at the car repair place we've been using for years. When we went to go pick up our newly doctored automobile the guy hands us a bag of stuff and says "We've had this for a few years it's your guys' belongings from another car you had brought in."... Okay these were things that I haven't seen since about my sophomore year of high school. If they knew who they belonged to, when they pulled them out of a car they were fixing.. how come they never thought of contacting us? Some of the stuff was nostalgic and fun to go through being that all of it was mine but in the bottom of the bag were a pair of eyeglasses! Not just reading glasses but my nice prescription bi-focals that i got yelled at for days for losing! So, now I have these eyeglasses with a non-current prescription and I don't know what to do with them, I'd like to donate with them but i'm not sure of any drop off places or maybe there's an organiztion where you can mail them. Does anyone know anything about donating eyeglasses?

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