The Oddest thing that's ever happened to me

Today I went through my mail and got a letter from Nordstrom.
I figured it was someone being funny writing me a thank you note for shopping with them because we are supposed to write thank you notes to our customers.
Anyway, I open the card and ..

Miss Arika!
Thanks so much for buying those adorable mary-janes!
I know you will love them!
Let's hang out very soon!

Anyway, its a letter from my friend that is in the ICU. What a random time to get this letter.. not to mention I bought the mary-janes from her in... November or 07. I wonder if it just never got mailed until now or it got lost in the mail or she just wrote it but it sounds like she wrote them when I bought them. I just think it's crazy that when I'm worried and all stressed out about her I get this letter right now of all times.

keep thinking happy thoughts for her :)

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Rachel S said...

What an amazing thing to happen! Such a gift!