I feel guilty that I haven't been keeping up with school lately. I already know I failed one of my classes because I missed the final which was really frustrating. I hate online classes. I wish I had a way to actually go to school. I'm getting really sick of walking to work every day too to a job that doesn't make me happy to be there. I think i'm just cranky cause it's nordstrom's half yearly sale and I'm so sick of having bruises on my hands from putting so much clothing away! I've still been seeing evan. It's going okay I guess I actually had a really good date with him the previous night except i got hurt.. of course how embarassing. But he was so cute about it he was so worried. Wednesday was his birthday so I baked him cupcakes today and got him a bunch of 35 mm film for his camera so i get to drop that off tomorrow morning :)

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