Tour of New York City

While I briefly lived in New Jersey I got to visit New York City a bit!

It was so much fun! My cousin and I met on the train in New Jersey and rode over to

the city. When we got there we immediately got on the subway which was so fun because we have nothing like that over here. First off we went to the Museum of Natural History to explore, I had been to the one in Vancouver Canada before but I loved the one in NYC. After that we took a stroll through central park and saw about 3 different events going on in the middle of the park, it was gorgeous there. By then we were starving and went to eat pastrami sandwiches and pickles at carnigee deli! I have never had a pastrami sandwich that delicious before. After dinner we went to shop in China town where I found fabulous channel knock off earrings and then we headed to little Italy for some gelato! To finish off the night we took another subway ride to Times Square. Wow. It was incredible it was like being in the daytime in the middle of the night because of all the lights. I couldn’t believe all the people that were there. It was insane! I wish I had gone back and done a bit more of the touristy stuff though. I really wanted to go on the sex and the city tour I had heard about where you get to visit locations that they used during the filming of the TV series! At the time I didn’t really know where to find reliable information about the different tours that were offered. But, I just found this site Trusted Tours & Attractions.

It has all the hottest Things to do in New York City with easy maps and information about the tours along with photos! If you aren’t planning on visiting New York any time soon they also have exciting tours in 22 other cities across the United States. Check out things to do in San Fransisco if you're headed to the West Coast. They have the best options for sightseeing tours. Right now if you sign up for Trusted Tours & Attractions newsletter you will be entered for a chance to win a free $150 dollar itunes gift card!

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