Yesterday at work was so stressful that I've spent my entire day off today sleeping even though I should be catching up on homework.. but honestly who isn't right now doing something leisurely when they should be doing something else... come on. My manager asked me on Saturday if I could possibly come in on Sunday (My day off) to help close and such and I stupidly said okay. I come in at 1:30 and 20 minutes later one of the girls tells me she's leaving because it has been really slow. Then human resources calls another girl off the floor to talk to her for an undisclosed amount of time. All Then the third and final girl that was there in this 20 minutes gets a walk up appointment for pre-selecting for Anniversary sale. Instead of just preselecting in our departments only she takes them around the whole store. and keeps saying when she's done she's leaving early because it's slow ...? When she finally finishes with them around 4:30 or 5 she clocks out and doesn't help me with any of the closing duties meanwhile the girl that went to human resources didn't come back and when I called up to see if she was still closing with me they said that she and human resources had gone home a couple hours ago.. i guess she was fired and no one bothered to say I wouldn't have any help! All of this would have been fine if we actually were slow then i would have just been at moderate pace but i litteraly was running from one end of the department to the other all day.... I ended up selling 2,200 dollars worth of merchandise from my department.

Anyway, so while I was napping today I was right in that in between sleep and awake. I'm pretty sure I was conscious but sleeping so weird anyways all of a sudden i was trying to turn over to disable the alarm on my cell phone before it went off and I felt like I was paralyzed I couldn't move and all. It was the weirdest feeling because it felt like it was real. Then I tried again and still couldn't move my arms out of sleeping position and finally i was like freaking out in my head and went to scream for help but i couldn't get my body to open my mouth at all. So creepy when it feels like it's real. Then I just started hearing static and i decided to like try to move my entire body in one big push and i "woke up" or moved. I don't even want to feel that again.

Now I have two weeks worth of homework to catch up on plus all of next weeks homework because anniversary sale starts on the 18th and I know I work like 10 hour days for a whole straight week.

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Wendi said...

Hey Arika! Just wanted to let you know I finally got you added to my blogroll and I've faved you on Technorati!!!