New Shoes make everything better.

I haven't left my house in 3 days and some twisted way I ended up with Strep Throat. This makes it the 5th time this year so far and that means
that word is so warm isn't it.
a 15 min procedure for a week and a half's worth of recovery time.
Has anyone had this done as an adult? What was the recovery like for you.
I've been having trouble breathing cause my tonsils are touching.
The only thing that brightened my day today was the shoes I finally ordered from
Nordstrom came and I ripped open the package and was extremely excited
then realized that the shoes in the box that I had received would have been able to fit
the jolly green giant. They were 2 sizes to big. Before I checked the size on the shoe i seriously
questioned the size of my feet. Now this normally would have only made my day a little sad but
these shoes have been sent to The Rack and now I can't even exchange them!
I have been waiting for these shoes since decemberish when we got them!


clockworkpink2 said...

Those shoes are sooo cute!

Kristin said...

Those are so cute and what size are they? You know at the Rack they will go super fast although I love all the shoes I have gotten from there. Speaking of which I need to go to the Rack today. Arika where are you? :)