Janet Taylor

I found the following post on The Nodding Tree Remedies Myspace. They are a local band from Salem and pretty good. Anyway I just thought I would repost it here because it made me laugh out loud ..
currently in Salem we have a mayor named Janet Taylor who I happen to be incredibly against and somehow she just won our current election again. What a shame.

So enjoy this propaganda brought to you by The Nodding Tree Remedies minds.

"Salem's mayor, Mrs. Taylor, is a heartless hoebag.
Her reign of power has been going on for too long.
Our children are not safe in Oregon's capital, Janet Taylor feeds on thier blood.
She's been spotted swimming the Willamette river with a dead puppy in her teeth.
She is immune to Salem's rising pollution problems due to the deadly acid that coarses through her veins, therefor she has no concern for a cleaner Oregon.
Janet Taylor does not support the local music scene, she approved the destruction of the kiosks( round billboards) off downtown Liberty street, and has openly attacked independent business(the heart of the Salem music scene) in Salem by supporting the surge of multimillion dollar, non local business.
Janet Taylor is hurting our community and threatens Salem's future with intentions of personal benifit. Mrs. Taylor's wealth and power cannot stop us, but if we all wake up dead one morning we will have a prime suspect, Janet Taylor.
She supports war and President Bush.
Her agenda is obsurd. She caters to the rich with the construction of overpriced plazas and convention centers, while many of the low income residents get the short end of the stick.
Her veiws and ideals are Reaganistic and immoral.....
....and she kills minorities, supports the meth trade, police brutality, and is a sex addict( not the good kind). Her soul is a swamp of ignorance and filth, etc,etc.....
Mrs. Taylor is too strong to defeat, we can only hide our children for so long.
Run for the hills, Janet Taylor is an evil witch and is not fit for her position of power.
Nodding Tree Remedies say "no" to Janet Taylor.
Pray for her wretched soul.
In Salem, the Man is keeping us down and has a name,
Janet Taylor.

God help us"
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