Celebrity Stylist

Ah! What a fantastic day at work. I know this probably sounds stupid but it was the most exciting part of my day so I have to revel in it! Today at work (nordstrom's) I got to help out a celebrity.. okay not really a celebrity anymore but back in the day. A teen actress from a very well known movie. I guess she lives here now. She was so friendly and sincere! So fun to work with! I feel a tiny b it cool today at least! So, it was the teenage girl in the first Jurassic Park movie. Her name is Ariana Richards. I just looked up her info on IMDB.com too and I guess she was in the movie Angus. If you haven't seen that movie you have to! It's fantastic. It can be hard to find though! For some reason I have the soundtrack.

Young Ariana Richards and Wilmer Valderrama

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