It looks like my financial problems have a resolution!
I finally got a call back from Nordstrom this afternoon while
reading books on the floor of borders with my friend Jess.
I got a full time position there working in the hosiery/accessories
department. I'm pretty excited I start tomorrow. But also kind
of nervous.
I had fun with Jessica today. She's one of my only friends in my life right now
that is like steady and not just making a complete nark of themselves.
Oh well.
I'm addicted to Coconut body butter from the body shop
and I just ran out. I HAVE to get more. It's the only thing
that makes my skin stop itching and and It smells so delicious!

now I have to pick out an outfit to wear tomorrow!
I want to wear these muted silver leaf earrings but I can only find one of the
pair.... like all the rest of my earrings.

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