The comforts of home

So the New Jersey thing turned out to be a huge mistake. I mean I guess nothing is ever really a mistake because you always learn something so I guess it was just a less than favorable learning experience. I've been back home now for about a week. I'm really glad to be back i started thinking how much I was looking forward to fall and then I really started to miss Oregon. it's so beautiful in the fall here the color of the leaves, the gray skies and big rain drops (I'm a huge fan of rainy days, my moms home cooking, the smell of wood smoke from the fireplace. I'm getting ready to paint my room which is exciting and really sad at the same time it's like having to admit that I'm going to be living with my parents a little while longer but at least it won't be like rip out your eyes acid colored green. I've gotten to hang out with most of my friends since I came back except for Jamie who moved over the summer to Eugene. I think next weekend I will go down there and visit her and see the house her and Jared got. Everything just feels comforatble right now. School just started I'm only taking 9 credits this term
Intro to psychology
Understanding art
and some writing class. It's a pretty good variety though. I really wanted to take the class death and dying but it was all full it seems like it would be a really fascinating course though.

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broken dreams said...

i know the feeling. i moved away for a while and even though i dont want to be at home... i dont think i really deep down want to be anywhere else.