Springs finally here! - Just a little late.

Finally the weather has become acceptable to start doing outdoorsy things! It's about time since it's been in the mid 50's and raining the past few weeks. But, armed with a new job, looking for a new place, new contacts and a quick swipe of my favorite spring nail polish ( Splash of grenadine by Essie- check it out it's amazing you'll fall in love too!) I am ready for spring to begin as well.
After months of searching i am so pleased to announce I found a job in exactly the field i wanted at exactly the place i wanted to work. I couldn't be happier. I start my new job on Monday and cannot wait to re-locate to the albany/corvallis area. I'm hoping to find an OSU student that wants to sublet their apartment for the summer months so I can avoid commuting from Salem to Corvallis while looking for a place of my own. I definitely will be grateful to have my own space again.

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