But that's why they are called Buckle jeans

i remeber why i hate working in retail during the holidays. The day before christmas i had a customer come down and i asked if she was finding everything alright when she exclaimed she was looking for buckle brand jeans. I said oh sorry they only carry those at the buckle. and then gave her easy to follow directions to the buckle. she then looked at me dead in the eyes and goes, no. the girls upstairs said they were down here and i said well maybe they meant the buckle was down here on this floor. and she looks at me with all the worlds hate in her eyes and lividly says no! i bought them down here last year! and i said well i dont know what to tell you but they only carry them at the buckle. so i take her to another employee and ask her if we carried buckle jeans and she gave her the same response as i had. the customer then hands on hip and eyes glowing red goes well i bought them down here last year you guys carry them i will bring them in and show you the reciept! as she finishes saying this in a manner to demean me as if im stupid i quickly come back I REALLY DONT APPRECIATE BEING SPOKEN TO LIKE THAT! and she just walks off. i love the christmas spirit working in retail brings.

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Alex Roberts said...

What a crazymaker! Ugh! How old was she? Was dementia setting in?