I've always loved Bvlgari perfumes! I will admit though that some of them are a little TOO old lady for me though. I decided that i would check out Bvlgari watches and couldn't believe the prices at my work! I browsed on the internet and came across Concord watches . The site is filled with tons of luxury time pieces at affordable discount prices! They even have a clearance section for all you frugal shoppers. Not that you'll really need it because the watches that the Watchery offers are made to last. They offer a great variety of classic pieces and very trendy pieces from all of your favorite designer brands like Michele, Gucci, Chanel and Bvlgari ! What girl doesn't dream of having a Chanel watch on her lovely wrist? The Bvlgari piece that I've pictures above is one of many Bvlgari jewelry watches the Watchery carries and just happens to be my favorite from the site! It's so clean with a little bit of attitude with such a fantastic shade of green. I love how well the green strap (which is like the hottest shade of green for this summer!) offsets the green mother of pearl in the center. It's discounted down almost 40 percent! What a steal for something you're going to love. As if it couldn't get better The Watchery also offers you a free watch with most purchases and if you don't want one of the free watches they offer you can select from a set of 80 percent specially discounted pieces!


Nadine said...

Hey sorry I haven't been around for a while. What a great deal. I need a new watch.

Kristin said...

cute! hey Donna is working with me she was about to fail me can you believe it!! anyhow miss you I still ahve your watch stupid ass me forgot all about it until i saw it sitting under a pile of clothes on my dresser.