Things have been really busy around here between moving and school and work, not to mention that work has been painfully awful recently. All the employees have been brainwashed to not use the words "it's slow" but we are no supposed to use the phrase "we have less than desirable traffic!" They expect everyone to still be making their sales goals etc but they can't provide us with traffic. With the state of the economy people are afraid to shop. I used to be able to sell around 170 dollars and hour on average but now I am around 60 dollars an hour on average. It really hurts financially to me too. I'm thinking I may need to be looking at new jobs but i don't want to abandoned this job! But financially it's not the best decision. I found out this summer I am going to Huston. That should be fun, not that I ever really wanted to go to Huston but at least it's something to go do. We are going in August. I'll either come back tan or VERY VERY red considering I'm so fair; I don't' think I've had a tan since I was about 6! Tanning beds scare me too, plus I always feel like the girls and occasional men that work at the tanning places are really really RUDE it's like walking on to the set of The Hills too! Lots of drama and just about ever inch of them is fake. Yesterday I went to Alf's with a co-worker it's this hole in the wall 50's diner in the middle of nowhere McMiniville. It was a lot of fun. At the restaurant they have a separate area where it's a huge playroom and the owner brings her pet monkey there for the day, his name is Elvis. It's just a very comfortable place because most people that eat there have been going there since they were little. Whenever you try to recruit new people to go they freak out when you tell them there is a monkey there and think it's so unsanitary etc. ha! Yumm and they make their own ice cream there!

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